Food Writer, Food Adventurer and Food Photographer


I  trained as chef at leading Danish restaurants in the nineties. Since then my work has circled around food in all kinds of ways. I have created three award-winning food culture books and TV programmes from Denmark, India and Greenland.
After working with a very skilled photographer for five years, I´ve claimed the camera myself and now I am cooking, styling and photographing food on my own.
 Besides that, I am arranging food tours and gastronomic experiences and works as an advisor on new food development for startups and corporate clients.
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Over the years my work with and around food and food related projects, has provided me with a huge network of likeminded persons all over the  world.

That opens a lot of possibilities for collaborations, which is very beneficial for my self and my clients.

Reach out to me, if I can help you get in contact with clever food minds in Denmark or in the rest of the world.